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Leasing Services
Repair Tariff and Depot Audit Program
Repair Tariff
Textainer has developed a comprehensive repair tariff incorporating labor and material costs, that is in place at all of our principal depots.

The tariff covers the most frequently occurring repair items.

The tariff incorporates very significant economies of scale, especially for multiple and combination repairs.

Material prices are based on prevailing local costs.

The tariff has been negotiated with each of our principal depots and has been in effect since January 1997.

The tariff and has been developed to assist our customers in controlling and reducing repair costs.
Depot Audit Program
Textainer performs audits of its repair depots on a regular and planned basis.

The principal objectives of the program are to ensure:

  1. High quality repairs, prior to on-hire.
  2. Fair, accurate repair estimates, at the lowest possible costs, at off-hire.
  3. First class administrative service at Textainer's depots.
  4. A high quality product for our customers.
The program rewards depots for good performance and penalizes depots for poor performance.

Since its inception the program has seen depot estimate accuracy improve from an average variance of 20% to less than 5% today.