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Dry Special Containers
Our Dry Special Container Division provides specialized containers that are designed for unconventional cargoes typically not suited to shipment in standard containers due to their size and weight. Such containers include Flat Racks, Open Tops and 45' Containers, all of which are part of our on-going procurement program to ensure new equipment availability in key demand locations at any time. Our containers are built to the highest specification standards and are available for both operating leases and finance leases. Along with our worldwide network of offices and agents, we are able to provide full customer service and support for any and all requirements for Dry Special Containers.

Textainer Equipment Management (U.S.) Limited
650 California Street, 16th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108
Tel: +1.415.434.0551
Fax: +1.415.434.9152

John Simmons
Vice President
Tel. +1.415.658.8210

Tony Sowry
Senior Vice President, Operations & Corporate Acquisitions
Tel. +1.415.658.8206

Jack Figuera
Director of Engineering
Tel. +1.415.658.8234

Yani Najarro
Marketing Manager
Tel. +1.415.658.8309